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Beauty Products I’ve Used Up: Spring 2015

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It is that time again, to share some of the products that I have used up recently. It has been far too long since my last beauty products I’ve used up post, so I have quite the assortment of products to share with you today. Let’s just jump right into it, but first here is the scale I’m using to rate each of these products:


Psssst! Dry Shampoo

Give it a try here.

I have struggled with dry shampoo for a really long time, and this is definitely not my favorite one that I have tried, it leaves my hair a little gray sometimes although it isn’t the worst dry shampoo I’ve ever used. That being said the last few times I’ve gone looking to get more dry shampoo I’ve ended up at places that only carry this one and nothing else. I’m not sure why it’s been so much harder to find dry shampoo lately than it used to be.

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep

Give it a try here.

I love this stuff! The first time I finished a bottle of it I didn’t repurchase for a few months and I definitely noticed the difference from when I was using it every time I showered to not using it at all for awhile. Basically for all my thin fine haired girls out there this stuff plumbs each strand of hair and makes your hair feel a lot fuller.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

Give it a try here.

I’ve had this stuff forever and I’m not entirely sure that they still carry it in all the normal stores, but if they do I will probably repurchase it at some point in the future. Right now I’m using the It’s a 10 version of leave in conditioner, which is much pricier than this one is and they work pretty much the same.

Lavera Mango Milk Shampoo

Give it a try here.

With very few exceptions shampoo and conditioner always get’s a 3 hearts from me. I like to change them up all the time and I generally like most of them, but not enough to repurchase them over and over again. This one was no exception that rule.

Lavera Rose Milk Repairing Hair Conditioner

Give it a try here.

Same as above. It was good, I really liked it, but I rarely repurchase shampoo and conditioners.


Ponds Evening Soothe Cleansing Towelettes

Give it a try here.

These are my hands down favorite makeup removing wipes. I feel like I have written this a million times, but they are not too dry and not too wet, they are just perfect. They get all my makeup off and since I always take my makeup off at the end of the day I love that they are evening soothe and put me into a nice relaxed evening state.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Give it a try here.

These are probably my second favorite makeup removing wipes, they are a little too wet to me, especially compared to the pond’s ones, but if the pond’s makeup removing wipes were discontinued today these would be my new go to.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer

Give it a try here.

I love this stuff! It is my absolute favorite face cream, I use it at night after I remove my makeup and it just melts into my face and makes it feel so smooth and soft. I can definitely tell the difference when I’m using this moisturizer versus when I’m using a different one.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Give it a try here.

I got this in a box (I don’t remember which one) and I really liked it, but the price point is a little bit much for me so I am still on the hunt for a serum that I like better than it hopefully at a better price point. If you have any that you love let me know!

Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge Deep Cleansing

Give it a try here.

I love these things, they last about a month each so I’ve gone through a few of them already, but they are just sponges for washing your face. They start off really hard and then soften up with water and help lather up any facial cleanser and add a tiny bit of exfoliation to washing your face. I keep mine in the shower and wash my face each time I shower.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Give it a try here.

I have been using the Purity cleanser for so long now and I really like it, but I’m not sure if it is my favorite because until recently I hadn’t used anything but this cleanser. I am trying out some new cleansers right now so I’ll let you know soon if I’m going back to Purity or sticking with something else.

Philosophy Dark Shadows Illuminating Eye Cream

I’ve had this stuff for so long that it isn’t even sold anymore. I’m on the hunt for some new eye cream now, any suggestions?


Maybelline Dream Pure BB Light/Medium Sheer Tint

Give it a try here.

This wasn’t my favorite foundation, and there are just so many others out there. It probably would have gotten a higher rating if there weren’t so many other foundations that I have tried. It isn’t bad by any means, I just love a lot of other ones so much better than this one.

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

Give it a try here.

If this wasn’t so expensive I would probably repurchase it. I got it in a box at one point and I have loved being able to use it under my foundation when I want a little extra protection. I need to find a new face sunscreen that isn’t so expensive though. Any suggestions?

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder in Classic Ivory

Give it a try here.

I loved this when I first got it, then I wasn’t so sure about it, then I fell back in love with it when I started using it with my beauty blender. The combination with my beauty blender is amazing because it just melts into my skin and looks so flawless as if I don’t have makeup on at all, which is definitely a look that I love.

Smashbox High Definition Concealer

Give it a try here.

I have had this one forever as well, but I just don’t use it that often. It is great for really covering up problem areas like times when I get a bad pimple and absolutely want it covered up, although most of the time I don’t mind my skin looking like what it looks like so it is rare for me to grab this stuff. It is super heavy which is great for covering things but it doesn’t feel that great sitting on the skin.

What products have you used up lately? Anything that you have loved and I need to try? Have you used any of these products before, what were your thoughts on them?


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DailyLook Elite Box: April 2015

I have gone back and forth about whether or not I wanted to get StitchFix ever since I heard of it. I was just unsure if it would be worthwhile for me to get so I kept putting it off. About a month ago I realized that these services would be a good idea for me to save time and energy, but still get new things from time to time. Since DailyLook Elite was offering a couple months free to try it out I figured it was the perfect time to try it out. I just got my first box this weekend and actually really liked it. There definitely were a few things I wouldn’t get, but there were also quite a few that I liked and I had to convince myself it wasn’t bad to purchase multiple items on my first month.

Show Me Your Mumu Dannie Jumpsuit – $193.99
Where do I even begin on this one? It just wasn’t for me at all on so many different levels. I’m not a big jumpsuit/romper fan for one, plus this was just way too big. The bellbottom of the pants made me laugh, and although it was comfortable there was no way I would ever wear this out. Plus that price tag was way outside my comfort zone for one piece of clothing.

Leilani Floral Vintage Clutch – $54.99
This was kind of cute, but it was so far from my style again. I typically use the same purse no matter where or what I am doing so bags in general aren’t my thing and this one was not something I would have ever picked out.

DailyLook Clarissa Bar Ring – $9.99
I’m not much of a ring person and this one didn’t really excite me enough to change that right now. It looks cute in this picture, but when it normally wears it goes sideways a bit and doesn’t really do anything for me.
DailyLook Pleated A-Line Midi Dress – $64.99
I have a couple of simple black dresses so I didn’t really need another one, and even if I did I’m not sure it would be this one. It was super heavy and I’m not sure that the midi length is the best for me because I’m on the shorter side. To be fair if someone bought me this as a present I would keep it and wear it once in awhile, but I wouldn’t ever buy this for myself.

DailyLook High Waist Vegan Leather Leggings – $29.99
I was really excited about these, when I recently cleaned out my closet I got rid of both my black patent skinny jeans and my half faux leather leggings because of fit and wear and tear. Since then I have a few times wished that I still had one of those pairs of pants so these were perfect. They are super comfy too.

DailyLook Gauzy Oversized Tank – $24.99
This was super comfy and fit really well, but it wasn’t anything special so I went back and forth for quite awhile to decide if I wanted to keep it or not. I ended up deciding to keep it because I can see myself wearing it a lot this spring and summer.

DailyLook K-Stew Ribbed Cardigan – $45.99
I wasn’t sure when I first pulled this out if I would like it or not, but I actually fell in love with it the second I put it on. It was the only thing that I instantly knew I wanted to keep and never changed my mind on. It is one of those things that I never would have picked up in the store, but I’m really glad they sent it to me because I love it.

DailyLook Half Moon Topanga Necklace – $29.99
Before I put this on I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be keeping it, but then I put it on and fell in love. I’m pretty picky about where I spend my money jewelry wise but this is a piece I can see myself wearing so many different ways and with so many things that I couldn’t help myself.
Overall I really enjoyed receiving this box and the fact that I got some new pieces for my wardrobe without even having to leave my house! After I get a couple more boxes I will do a full Should You Try post on the service, so stay tuned for that.
Have you tried the DailyLook Elite Box or any other service like this before? What did you think of it? Was it worth it for you?


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What To Wear There: A Lazy Day in the Office

I realized that through all of these What To Wear There posts that I have done, I’ve never actually done any for just every day outfits, so today that is what I decided to do. Lately I have been feeling kind of lazy and since rolling into work in pajamas is probably not the best idea I’ve instead tried to find the perfect way to do basically that while still looking like I put some effort in. I recently wrote this post about how a couple of key accessories can completely change an outfit, and that is the exact same principle I used for this outfit as well.

A few weeks ago I did a really good closet clean out (I got rid of 8 decent sized bags of clothes/shoes/accessories) and have since been trying to find some key pieces to include back into my wardrobe. One of the areas that I realized I wasn’t doing very well in during that big clean out was jewelry. I don’t have very many pieces that I like and I think that is why I don’t wear any of it very often, which is when I finally decided to give RocksBox a try. Now I get a few pieces in the mail each month that I can try out for a few days and then either purchase or return them, it’s getting me to try more jewelry out and gives me the option to pick up some pieces, but only if I love them. If you are interested in trying out RocksBox for yourself they have been kind enough to share the following code with all my readers: sarahchristinestylexoxo, when used at checkout you get your first month completely free. Basically you can try the service out for a month and if it doesn’t work for you, no harm no foul, what’s better than that?

This outfit definitely needed those RocksBox pieces to spice it up because without them and the wedges I could have (and have) worn this outfit to bed or lounging around the house. These pants from Gap are my new favorites and I have worn them for everything from a day at the office to dance class to lounging around the house before bed. I don’t think you could find a more versatile pair of pants if you tried. They feel like pajama pants, but can also wear dressier if you pair them with the right pieces, as shown below.

Outfit Details

Top from H&M (exact)
Pants from Gap (exact – these are my holy grail pant right now!)
Shoes by BCBGeneration
Necklace by Gorjana borrowed from RocksBox (exact)
Bracelet by Sophie Harper borrowed from RocksBox

What is your go to for a lazy day when you still have to look presentable?


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It’s All in the Details

I kind of lost my excitement and fire for awhile. I didn’t necessarily realize it while I was in that period of my life, but once I started to get it back I realized just how much I had missed it. One of the things that was true for during that period of time was that I didn’t put as much time and effort and care into my appearance. Most days I would go to work in whatever was comfortable with no care in my hair or makeup. Now I’m not saying that to be happy I have to dress up, but I personally really enjoy dressing up and love the artistic expression of picking out an outfit and doing my hair and makeup special.

One simple thing that takes an outfit from “I couldn’t care less” to “I actually put some effort in” is adding accessories. For today’s outfit post I focused a lot on a couple of those extra little details and accessories in an outfit that make it just that much more special. Now I’m not much of a jewelry or accessory person so this bracelet and belt, plus some fun heels are about as much as I can handle of the little details.

Today’s post was brought to you thanks to Anjolee who so kindly sent me the bracelet that added the little extra bling for this outfit and my date night that followed those pictures. Along with bracelets they also have beautiful necklaces, earrings, and wedding ring sets.

What do you like to use to spruce up your outfits? What’s your favorite way to make it look like you put in more effort than you actually did?


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Lancome: Brand and Product Review

I received this amazing gift set of Lancome products for Christmas and since I had never used Lancome before that point I thought it would be fun to play around with them a bit and give you guys a review of all the products I got. Watch the video down below to see my thoughts on each of the products in the set as well as my overall review of Lancome.

Below are the links to all the products that were in my gift set that I could find individually.

Cils Booster XL Mascara Primer
Definicils High Definition Mascara
Shimmer Blush
Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
Advanced Genfique Youth Activating Concentrate

Have you ever tried Lancome before? What are your favorite products from their line?


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Battle of the Drugstore Foundations

I was looking at my foundation drawer the other day and realized that I have a decent sized stash of drugstore foundations right now. There have been points when I have had all of two or three, but right now there are a whopping 8 different types in my collection. So I figured it would be a good time to do a little battle of the drugstore foundations and share with all of you which are the best and worst of the drugstore.

To make this as scientific as possible I tried to give each foundation an equal shot to shine (shine might not be the right word since you don’t really want a foundation to make you look shiny…hmmm…). It is impossible to have the same exact skin conditions each day, but I tried my very best to minimize the differences, so I wore each one for a full work day since my work days are all pretty much the same length and activity level. I figured it wouldn’t be fair to judge one foundation based on sitting on my butt all day and other based on running a marathon (not that I run marathons..). For each of the 8 foundations I took a before picture so you could see what I was working with skin wise for that day, a only foundation on picture to show the coverage, an after my full face of makeup has been applied picture (I used basically the same set of products each day minus lip and eye colors), and a right after I got home from work picture so you can see how it wore during the day. Let’s see how each one did.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch

No Makeup                                –                          Just Foundation
Full Makeup                              –                           End of the Day

Pick it up for yourself here.