For as long as i can remember I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect answer to the question: “who am I?”, but over time I’ve come to realize there is no perfect answer, and that’s alright. At my very core I believe that everyone deserves to be their best version, whatever that means to them. And as I’m on this journey to figuring out what my best version looks like I’m hoping to inspire others to find their best versions as well.


I am a Software Engineer passionate about helping people. I am an ordinary mid twenties woman living in the suburbs with her soon to be husband. I love a good book, football on Sunday’s, and will almost never say no to a glass of Chianti. I am a dreamer, an organizer, and a lover.

I know the future holds big things, and while I’m trying to figure out exactly where I am meant to end up, I’m just here writing about the journey. I would love for you to join me and see where we end up together.

While SarahChristineStyle sometimes features affiliate links, it is a mostly not for profit blog, it is my outlet to share what I’m learning along my journey. Although I have done sponsored posts in the past, at this point in time I am not interested in sharing things that are not naturally a part of my life. I strive to be authentic and put my whole self out there, the good and the bad, and especially the improving, and sharing products and services that I have not found some genuine use for in my life does not feel right.

Feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected].