Stitch Fix Summer 2016

I got rid of all subscription boxes/services a few months ago because I felt like my life was slowly filling up with random stuff I had no use for. The idea of getting makeup samples every month was really intriguing and exciting at first, but when you have boxes full of sample size products you’ll never get through, especially with new ones coming in every month, it loses it’s appeal. I always liked the idea of the personal stylist services, and loved DailyLook Elite while I did it, but similarly I couldn’t justify getting new things every month. When I originally looked into stitch fix I was only going to do it once for the honeymoon, but when I saw that they had options to get fixes every month, every other month, quarterly, or just on demand I was hooked, finally a service I could sign up for and not feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they sent me. I signed up for the quarterly service and just received my second box and wanted to share what I got. If you are interested in signing up for stitch fix you can use my referral link (or just go straight to the site if you’d prefer).
Stitch Fix Navy Top

Moni Studded Short Sleeve Blouse | $54.00 | Returned

I was uncertain about this shirt the second I opened the box, but on first glance through my fix I considered purchasing the full thing and I thought I could be happy with this if I paired it correctly. That was all before I tried it on, instantly I knew I would be returning it because the sleeves were too tight around my arms, they actually hurt and I only had the thing on for all of a minute for this picture. When I first came out in it Bryan just said “no”, so it was pretty unanimous that this was just not for me.
Stitch Fix Red and Navy Maxi Dress

Brian Knit Maxi Dress | $78.00 | Returned

This dress was super comfortable and I really wanted to like it, but the color is just not right for me, the bright cool tone red does nothing for me so if I had kept this it never would have gotten worn in my closet.
Stitch Fix Navy Sweater

Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt | $64.00 | Kept

The second I saw this I knew I would be keeping it assuming it fit well, the second I put it on I knew it would be my new favorite sweatshirt, and the second I walked out for Bryan to take my picture he said “that looks like you” and it was a done deal. I will be living in this sweatshirt now!
Stitch Fix Multicolored Top

Yorken Scoop Neck Top | $44.00 | Returned

I had a really hard time with this one, I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to keep it, actually looking at the picture now part of me wishes that I had, but I ultimately returned it because I was only keeping one other thing and while I like this top, it isn’t “me” in the same sense so many other things in my closet are and I feel like if I bought it I would skirt around it most days.
Stitch Fix Gold Leaf NecklaceHadid Layered Leaf Necklace | $28.00 | Returned

I went back and forth on this necklace. I really liked it and if I had kept more and made this into a bigger shopping event I would have kept it, but when I ended up keeping just the sweatshirt I couldn’t justify keeping the necklace. I’m not even sure if that makes any sense, but it does (mostly) in my head, so we’re just going with it.

That’s what I got this quarter from Stitch Fix, do you subscribe to a similar service, what did you get this month? 

  • Jenn

    That sweatshirt does totally look like you! I think you made a good choice! :)

    • Sarah Christine

      Thanks! I love it!!