Weekly Inspiration #6

I recently went to a elevator pitch workshop where they talked about how to tell a story and the story spine, and how every story starts out with what is normal, things happen, and then at the end there is a new normal. Right now I feel like I am in that middle part. I had a routine and basic understanding of what my day to day, week to week, month to month, life looked like while I was working at my previous job. Now I am in an entirely new place, not only with work, but along with it my emotional state is in a much better place, and along with all of that comes so many changes.


The past couple of weeks I have felt a bit like I am leaping from building to building, hoping that I don’t fall along the way and just keep my feet under me long enough to make it to the next place. I am working on figuring out what my new normal is going to be. When I came across this image it really spoke to me as I feel as if I’m sitting on the edge rather than back in the comfort of a well known routine.

I am working on finding my new normal right now, how about you? Have you made any big changes lately that have thrown you off balance, what are you doing to get back to your new normal?