Weekly Inspiration #5

Happy February! We have officially hit the month where we can either take the progress we made in January and continue on the healthier, happier paths we’ve started or we can give into the struggles we faced and go back to the same old life we had before we set so many expectations and goals for ourselves just a month ago. When I saw this quote I knew it was perfect for today, because I think there are probably many out there doubting themselves right now and wondering if they set their resolutions too lofty on January 1st. Today I want you to know that you are capable of continuing on, you are brave enough to push through whatever stands in your way, you are significant and important enough, you are worth it.


 Life is hard, somedays it’s really hard, sometimes we want to turn back and go to when it was simpler, but the best is yet to come when we push through. If you are in that place of doubt right now, contemplating turning back, know that you are capable of doing amazing things, you are brave enough even when you feel your weakest (maybe even especially when), and you are important enough.

What are you struggling with today? What is standing in your way making you feel like you won’t overcome it? How are you going to show it that you are strong and capable enough?