Let’s Talk about Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes! I love them, you love them, we all love them. After all what isn’t to love about a box full of fun things showing up on your doorstep every month? You pay an amount that is clearly less than the products you receive and then you sit back and wait for it to feel like Christmas every month. They can be a little addicting though and I found myself a month ago receiving so many packages I knew something had to change.

A month ago I was getting the following:

  • Ipsy every month
  • Birchbox every month
  • Pop Sugar Must Have box every month
  • Daily Look Elite style box every month
  • Rocksbox every month
  • Fabletics basically every month
  • Blue Apron every week

And that’s when I took a step back and realized I might have a problem. Did I really need this much stuff in my life? I’ve been trying to minimize in my life, and although that does involve getting new things because I’m exchanging quality for quantity, it most certainly did not make sense to be receiving so much stuff every month. That is when I decided to take a step back and rethink each subscription, if I needed it, what I used it for, and if I how I should use it going forward.

Ipsy vs Birchbox

To be fair when I first got Ipsy and Birchbox I always planned on getting both of them for just a year and then deciding which I actually wanted and cancelling the other. That is still the plan, and I feel good about keeping both until January when I’ll choose one or the other, although I am less sure every month which one I’ll be keeping. After the first couple of months I was sure it would be Birchbox, but Ipsy has been making a comeback lately, so this one may come down to the wire, but I promise I’ll pick one for 2106.

Pop Sugar Must Have vs Fab Fit Fun

I like getting the Pop Sugar box because it has a wide variety of things that make it worth it even while keeping either Ipsy or Birchbox, but I don’t think I need this random stuff every month. So I decided that once my current set of boxes is up (around January as well) I’m going to switch to the Fab Fit Fun box instead. It is a pretty comparable box except it comes once a quarter instead of once a month so that seems like a good compromise.


I had a three month trial of Rocksbox and it was actually at the end of that when I had this freak out about how many boxes I was getting each month. As soon as I was faced with paying for Rocksbox I cancelled it. The short of that one is that $20 a month seemed like a lot for me when I don’t buy the pieces and just wear them once. It was nice that the box got me wearing jewelry slightly more often, but it wasn’t a significant enough change to make it worth $20 a month so I just cancelled it.

Daily Look Elite, Fabletics, and other Clothing Subscriptions

I went crazy with Fabletics the first few months I had the service because I was obsessed, but now i have quite a bit of stuff so while I still imagine I will order from them from time to time, most months I just don’t need anything. As for other clothing subscriptions, I have loved my Daily Look Elite boxes (and have always wanted to try Stitch Fix) but I just can’t justify getting one of these each month and buying things from it, so for right now I am going to skip every other month of these and see in the future if I want to cut back to every third month or something more along those lines. Basically I love these services, I just don’t need them every month.

Food (Blue Apron and such)

I get Blue Apron and absolutely love it, but we are trying to skip every third week or so right now so we can try other recipes and not be so stuck to Blue Apron. I have also always wanted to try some of the other snack subscription boxes, but for now I am telling myself no, because I don’t need more boxes and I have plenty of snack options else where.

The Final Verdict

So if you counted Blue Apron as four times a month when I was getting it once a week I was getting 10 things a month for awhile there! Now with this new plan (which will be fully implemented come 2016) I’ll be getting more like 15 things every quarter which is half what I was getting. It still feels like a lot, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. How do you feel about subscription boxes? Have you gone crazy and subscribed to them all or stayed away completely?

  • http://www.sagetheblog.com/ Cassie Lee

    Love this post! I’ll be writing on Stitch Fix v. Golden Tote soon!

    • http://www.sarahchristinestyle.com/ Sarah Christine

      I’ve considered trying both of those.

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    I haven’t gone “crazy” with subscription boxes but love to see what people get in theirs. I only get Ipsy and just cancelled Rainbow Honey last month. It was great since I love nail polish but after a little over a year I have so much polish. lol

    • http://www.sarahchristinestyle.com/ Sarah Christine

      You’ve stayed sane it sounds like with just one box!

  • http://becomingadorrable.com/ Becca Dorr

    I’m only getting Ipsy & Birchbox right now, and will probably keep getting them, but I’ve tried and canceled a few others. I’m trying to figure out if I want to try something else.. Stitchfix? Popsugar must have? It’s addicting.

    • http://www.sarahchristinestyle.com/ Sarah Christine

      It is addicting, but I had this moment when I realized I had so much stuff and I just didn’t need it all.