Life in Music

I’ve always been all about music. It’s crazy how the right song can just make your day or explain all your feelings. When I was younger I was really into music and then sometime during college I kind of lost that and stopped finding new songs. I basically ended up in music rut for a few years, and then I started pole dancing. And ever since then I have been really into music again, constantly listening to new songs and listening to different genres. My recent playlist has me rocking out every day so I wanted to share it.

My music taste lately has been kind of similar to my fashion taste and just where I am at in my life lately. I’m all about having fun, letting loose, and being myself and I think this playlist really captures that. There are also some dark, rock, or just generally less than peppy songs on their too, but I’m just overall in love with this playlist and I rock out to it every day! And speaking of capturing the fun free spirit within me lately, I dyed my hair pink!! I have wanted pink hair since I was in middle school, and that dream has finally become a reality and I am in love.

IMG_7218 IMG_7223 IMG_7227Sweater – Victoria’s Secret (similar) | Jeans – American Eagle | Sandals – Steve Madden

What are your favorite songs right now? What songs can you not help but rock out to?