I am a wanderer

I can not be defined. You can not describe me in one simple sentence. I can’t be summed up and placed in a neat little package, wrapped up with a bow and set on a shelf.

I am changing every day. I am constantly learning and growing. My feelings, thoughts, expressions, and experiences are ever evolving. What I loved yesterday I may hate today. What was my favorite activity as a child may seem foreign to me now. The most important thing in the world to me a year ago may be at the end of my priority list now.

Life is a journey and I am the adventurer following the path or stepping off of it and paving a new direction through the trees. Sometimes I end up at the beach and hangout for awhile relaxing and basking in the sun and sweet scent of salt in the air, yet other days I get rushed along into a winding maze or find myself lost in a desert with no sense of where to go next. No matter where I am today, or where I find myself tomorrow I know that there will be more beaches and deserts in my future and each will teach me new lessons, shape me in new ways, and present their own challenges to be faced.

You can note that I am a cautious thinker who leaps and never looks back once a decision has been made as you notice how with each intersection I seem to weigh my options then almost out of nowhere turn and run in the direction I have chosen never glancing over my shoulder to see how the other route might be fairing. It is possible to say that I am the kind of adventurer who needs to take a break and sit and enjoy the views and the present moment from time to time. While that all may be true, you cannot call me a beach bum, forest dweller, or maze runner because tomorrow I may be in a different place, facing a different challenge, and choosing a different path.

Sure there are traits that I carry with me, items in my tote that I hold close to my heart, but I have given some up before, made space for new things. Of course there are regions that I prefer to end up in and shelters I always run to when I find myself in familiar places. I have safety nets and common grounds, but even they are ever changing and evolving. I linger in some environments more than others and have opinions on which are better, but I can be swayed, I can be turned and persuaded while staying grounded to my roots.

I am a wanderer. I am a wonderer.

I am simply me.

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